«SSP03-70 SHMEL» LED Lamp 152 - Explosion-proof industrial lamps - Электроточприбор – разработка и производство взрывозащищенных светодиодных светильников, щитовых, переносных и стационарных электроизмерительных приборов для тяжелых условий эксплуатации.

«SSP03-70 SHMEL» LED Lamp

  • Low power consumption
  • Works within a wide temperature range (-60 ºС to +50 ºС)
  • Resistant to vibration and mechanical impact


Stationary LED lamp, designed for use in Class I and Class II hazardous areas. Commonly utilized for illumination of industrial buildings (e.g. factories), as well as outdoor worksites.

Explosion-proof LED lamps of the “SSP03” product line are intended to serve as a replacement to axially symmetric lamps that use traditional 100-500 watt incandescent, 125-400 watt mercury-vapor, and other similar bulbs.

  1. The original design, for better heat sink
  2. The source of supply of Russian production, with a suppression circuit of ripple
  3. High-performance led matrix with a light output of more than 130 LM/W
  4. Impact-resistant glass is made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate
  5. Convenient storage compartment with a terminal block in the luminaire for connection of power cables
  6. Various mounting options, including pipe input

Technical Specifications


  1. Input voltage: AC90-264V, DC127-370V
  2. Power: 65W
  3. Luminous Flux: 6800 lm
  4. Luminous Efficacy: > 100 lm/W
  5. Color temperature: 4000° Kelvin
  6. Color rendering index: 70
  7. Power coefficient: 0.9
  8. Ripple factor: < 5%



5 kg


Length - 186mm

Width - 180mm

Height - 264mm


Operating conditions

  1. Indoors, outdoors


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